Madison Nordic Ski Team

High School Team
Middle School Team


The goal of the MadNorSki Junior program is to improve technique, build aerobic capacity, and establish or build a strong endurance base, all while having fun. Programs are offered year round to prepare skiers for when the snow flies, whether they choose to ski for fun and recreation, to compete in that first race, or to race in high school, regional or national competitions. The Madnorski Junior team seeks to instill the love of skiing, to promote a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle, and ultimately, to instill the highest standards of sportsmanship, competition and collaboration among our team members. For more information go to


Jacob Huseby
Lead Middle School Coach

Nicole Fischer
Lead High School Coach

Brenda Baker
Assistant Coach and WNSL Liaison

Tamara Bryant
Youth Program Director


2021-22 High School Roster

Olive Austin
James Baker
Zadie Brown
Freddie Callister-Craig
Violette Culp
Celeste Dailey
Clarke Elke
Clara Felt
James Fishman Morren
Jeremiah Flynn
Rowan Gibson
Laura Johnson
Levi Lauer
Matthew Locher
Sofia Losada
Mina Luyet
Sylvie Panofsky
Mira Patel
Jack Reeder
Will Spetz
Finnian Stringer
Milo Vander Zanden
Arlo Waisman
Sarah Yandell

2021-22 Middle School Roster

Imogene Austin
Evan Baker
Mimi Bean
Beatrice Berson
Milo Brown
Arturo Castaneda Dower
Madeline Cleveland
Ellie Collins
Marlo Cohen Hunter
Dominica Costanzo-Adkins
Audrianna Culp
Jacob Curtin
Henry Dailey
Mercy Felt
Leo Geisler
Sage Gibson
Sasha Guseva
Iris Herrick
Ethan Holiday
Trina Holz
Elsie Johnson
Silvia Kammerzelt
Claire Lightbourn
Sophia Locher
Valentina Losada
Anouk Luyet
Larkin Mason
Libby Maxted
Costa Molle
Katherine Mueller
Frankie Nagle
Mary Nagle
Wren Paulick
Libby Spetz
Saule Stonys
Simonas Stonys
Annika Stringer
Niels Stringer
Rocco Turner Sturm
Kyra Vander Zanden
Beatrice Vaughan
Juniper Waisman
Oakley Waisman