Wausau Night Gliders

Front Row: Michael Hanson, Owen Eisele, William Jahns, Ingrid Bennett, Lena Zielinski
2nd Row:  Emma Brittenham, Cade Jensen, Matthew Rodziewicz, Lily Schaefer, Jimmy Peck, Warren Robinson
3rd Row:  Emily Jahns, Elsa Oestreich, Eva Rose French, Ethan Hynes, Anja Oestreich, Emmett French
Back Row:  Alex Hanson, Coach Josh Zielinski, Coach Josh Sturm, Head Coach Jon Oestreich


Skiing is a metaphor for life…you can ski from cradle to grave.  The goal of the Wausau Night Gliders is to instill the love of skiing and develop modern efficient ski movements for a lifetime of skiing.  

Skiers are multiple sport athletes.  Many use cross-country skiing as a primary form of cross-training in the winter for another primary sport.  Other sports current Night Gliders participate in during the off-season include:  ballet, basketball, dance, cross country running, hiking, lacrosse, mountain & road biking, soccer, swimming, track and field. Regardless of why you Nordic ski, cross country skiing provides a way to live and enjoy a healthy active outdoor lifestyle.


Head Coach
Jon Oestreich

Assistant Coaches
Mike Cavenaugh

Josh Sturm

Josh Zielinski

Bill Bowler, Sr.

Rachel Kresse