Wausau Night Gliders

Front Row:  Jimmy Peck, Jackson Stubb, Ingrid Bennett, Charlie Stubb
Middle Row:  Olivia Schmidt, Owen Eisele, Dakota Myers, Cade Jensen, Rowan Ballard, Emmett French, Eva Rose French
Back Row:  Head Coach Jon Oestreich, Margaret Bennett, Emily Jahns, Anja Oestreich, Elsa Oestreich, Milana Hanson, Nicholas Johnkoski, Alex Hanson, Asst. Coach Greg Kresse
Not Present:  Athletes: Lucy Wright, Michael Hanson, Mollie Meshak, Assistant Coaches Mike Cavenaugh & Maddie Busig, Manager Rachel Kresse


The Wausau Night Gliders (ages 9 to 14 &/or 8th grade) are just one of the many ski programs supported by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club. Other programs are the Snow Striders (ages 4-9), and the High School Team Wausau Nordic United. The Night Gliders have been in existence since 1998 and have grown in number each year. The program is open to anyone in the greater Wausau//Central WI area. Night Glider coaches are volunteers from our ski club and provide coaching twice a week as well as race day coaching/support. We have four Levels of Proficiency that are defined within the NG program with written criteria for each group. Athletes need to meet the proficiencies before moving on to the next group. We provide a high quality program at a very low cost to encourage entry into Nordic skiing. Our philosophy is to promote an inclusive sport environment for all youth to develop a love of the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle, excellent technical Nordic ski skills, and a good level of physical fitness for life. 


Head Coach
Jon Oestreich

Assistant Coaches
Greg Kresse

Mike Cavenaugh

Rachel Kresse